Prompt Guide - Sample Prompts

A 4K airbrushed oil painting of a Betty Boop Image she has long wavy hair, stunning brown eyes, beautiful perfect makeup, sun tanned skin, cropped blouse, ripped jeans, high tops, sitting one her knees down to pet an adorable husky, while walking her husky in the park

hyper realistic Latina chibi, long asymmetrical bob, angled cut, black hair white tips, luminous blue eyes, wearing a tan long sleeve sweater twisted at the bottom, tan chino slacks, tan heeled boots, posing

Enchanting watercolor painting of Lonicera japonica, watercolor texture, crosshatching, strong shadows, underlying sketch with pencil, drips, splats, deep emerald indigo watercolor wash background.

A beautifully detailed and realistic image of an adorable Expresso glass skin tone African-American baby girl with big, expressive two tone -colored eyes. She has very long, thick textured curly black hair in pigtails adorned with white and red bows and is wearing a white and red outfit. She is lying down on a white blanket, smiling with a visible gap in her front teeth. The background features prominent 3D realistic, pastel colorful flowers, creating a sweet and enchanting atmosphere with a dreamy, pastel theme. The pacifier has been removed from her mouth.

A Watercolor painting of a Baby Blue Peacock with bright green eyes, and pink in its feathers, standing beside a tall Pink Rose Bush, with a light Turquoise river running through, with a few colorful butterflies around the Rosebush, in a Daytime Nature background.

Double exposure: glossy airbrushed oil painting of a glowing kaleidoscope effect, beautiful Betty boop with irridescent eyes, purple and red hair in braided odango buns, holographic makeup with a red and black heart bow, wearing a pink and black broken heart dress and lace stockings, sitting on a broken heart pearl crystals with a mysterious expression, with a basket of yellow maryjane, water ripple, highly detailed, dream+fractal, magical in black background

4k glossy oil painting of a cute Pale Ivory skin tone Latina toddler with a boho punk style, sitting cross-legged. The toddler has big light brown eyes, long textured braided strawberry red hair with colorful beads, and wears a fringed black vest, floral white leggings, and studded sandals. The background is a soft, blurred meadow scene with wildflowers, providing a free-spirited yet edgy feel.

sunkissed female with long icy blonde straight hair with pink tips, a braid at her crown, wearing Tie Dyed Fringe Vest Cover-up Three-piece Skirt Suits, bare foot, in a field of vibrant flowers and a flowing creek, seen from above

hyperrealistic cartoon made in oil and acrylic with a glossy sheen, depicting a chinese American toddler girl with buns and a apple green chinese dress.leaning cutely on a giant green apple while She is making a playful face by scrunching her lips

Portrait painting of a woman with a beach and sea in the background, in the style of David LaChapelle, with pastel colors, oil paint dripping, green grass on the ground, watercolor splashes, oil paint drips, abstract.