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Try using this prompt #1:

professional portrait photograph of a gorgeous Norwegian girl in winter clothing with long wavy blonde hair, ((sultry flirty look)), freckles, beautiful symmetrical face, cute natural makeup, stunning modern urban upscale environment, ultra realistic, concept art, elegant, highly detailed, intricate, sharp focus, depth of field, f/1.8, 85mm, medium shot, mid shot, (centered image composition), (professionally color graded), ((bright soft diffused light)), volumetric fog, trending on instagram, trending on tumblr, hdr 4k, 8k

Try using this prompt #2:

Create a visually striking portrait of a confident, red-haired individual with a warm and inviting smile. The person should exude a sense of charisma and friendliness, with an air of creative passion. The lighting should capture the vibrant red tones of their hair, casting a warm glow on their face. The background should be adorned with artistic elements, reflecting their artistic nature.

Try using this prompt #3:

Create a heartwarming and relaxed scene featuring a stylish 19-year-old Vietnamese boy. He has short, well-groomed hair framing his face with a neat appearance. He's wearing a casual shirt accompanied by a blue cardigan, adding a touch of color to his look. His style is complemented by a beanie, giving him a relaxed and urban vibe. His face radiates a zest for life, with a radiant smile that lights up his expression. His eyes sparkle with energy and positivity, reflecting his optimistic and cheerful nature. He wears a necklace with a rectangular pendant around his neck, adding a personal touch to his laid-back appearance. Although his face is marked by vitiligo, it does not diminish his charm and self-assurance. A strand of hair delicately frames his face, adding a dynamic touch to his relaxed look. Overall, the image depicts a vibrant, elegant, and relaxed young man exuding positivity and charisma.

Try using this prompt #4:

a beautyfull girl with flowered hairs, centered, cherry blossom, goth style, acrylic color painting, highly detailed face, art by Banksy and carne griffiths and Agnes Cecile, dark vibrant, trending on artstation, hd, 4k, 8k, extreamly high resolution

Try using this prompt #5:

commercial illustration of a woman dressed in flowers with flowers in her hair, in the style of artgerm, vibrant palette knife, franciszek starowieyski, michael malm, captures the essence of nature, sun-kissed palettes, illustration --ar 58:77 --s 750 --style raw